“This is a well managed home. The staff are always pleasant and caring. In the time my parent has been a resident there have been no issues or concerns. He is content and the family are all satisfied.”

“They get lots of activities, The ratio of staff to residents is great. The place is a joy to visit.”

“It is excellent, the manager is fantastic. There’s a buzz about the place, there’s always something going on.”

“You’re always made welcome, the cafe is great to go to and have a cup of tea and a blether.”

“All staff, without exception, are lovely, kind and caring”

Residents’ comments taken from a questionnaire asking about their move to Nortcote Lodge

“I feel 100% better having moved in here.”

“The staff are so kind.”

“This place is wonderful, the staff are friendly and approachable.”

“There’s always plenty to do, bus trips are really good.”

“I’m happy, need I say any more.”


Extract from the Care Inspection Report Summary

” We were strongly encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive responses within our Care Standards Questionnaires and directly from residents and relatives during the inspection itself.”

“We heard lots of very good feedback around the range of activities for people to choose from.  This included lots of in-house activities including craft sessions, board games and visiting entertainers.  There were regular bus trips out and local walks, which enhances people‚Äôs feelings of wellbeing.”

“Residents told us that the food was very good and that they enjoyed it.  We also heard that there were plenty of choices available and that the home baking was always enjoyed.”