Yogi and Cindy – Newfoundland Dogs

On Friday 10th June, the residents were treated to a very special visit by Yogi and Cindy, accompanied by their owner Norman and best friend John

Yogi is 3 years old and Cindy is 9 months old.  They are ‘Hero’ dogs, they are trained as ‘water rescue’ dogs and can also detect illness in a human before the individual is aware themselves.  Norman explained that they also do a lot of work with autistic children.

After visiting the residents, they had some fun time out in the garden, exploring and playing with their owner Norman.

They are very placid, well-behaved dogs and the residents loved meeting them as you can see from the photographs.

Yogi and Cindy Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/yogIcindybears

Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute Act

On Friday 23rd August, the residents were treated to an excellent ‘Jerry Lee Lewis’ Tribute Act.
The entertainer was a young man called Robin, who, for his young years, managed to emulate the Jerry Lee Lewis sound and songs perfectly!  He really did have us ‘rocking and rolling’ and some of our residents put the younger members of staff to shame with their dance routines!

A good time was definitely had by all and also proves that music definitely lifts the spirits and brings everyone together!